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Longblocks De Luchtbal

architect/designer: Hugo Van Kuyck (1902-1975)

landscape/garden designer(s):

collaborators (enginners, consultants, etc.): Constructor

building contractor(s): Onze Woning en AMGH

location: Groenendaallaan 200-388

town / country: Antwerp, Belgium

gps: N 51 24.5770, E 4 42.2099


commission/competition date: 

design period (s): 1944

construction: 1954-1956

completion/inauguration: 1956

Status of Protection

protected by: preserved by ‘Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed’ ;ID nummer: 122126

grade: Partly preserved

date: since 27.11.2011

valid for (whole area/parts of area/building): whole complex (bigger and smaller buildingblock)

remarks: –


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