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Els De Vos

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Institution: University of Antwerp Field of responsibility/ Role in the RMB project: Case study handbook Field of specialization:  housing – history of postwar modernism

Els De Vos, engineering architect and spatial planner, is associate professor at the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp, where she lectures in the field of architectural history, architectural theory and interior design. She is a member of the research group Henry van de Velde. Her PhD dissertation on the architectural, social and gender-differentiated mediation of dwelling in 1960s–1970s Belgian Flanders has been published with the University Press Leuven in 2012. She has co-edited with the University Press Antwerp several volumes in the field of architecture, including one on the architectural education in Antwerp, entitled Van academie tot universiteit [From Academy to University] (2013) and Theory by design (2013). In October 2012, she co-organised the international conference Theory by Design. Architectural research made explicit in the Design Teaching Studio (Antwerp). She was awarded the Society of Automotive historians Student Paper Competition Award 2007, the Flemish Movement of Urban Planners Dissertation Competition Award 2002 and the BWMSTR label 2016 Award by the Flemish Government Architect together with Kimoura Hauqier and Jonas De Maeyer. She published in several national and international journals, including Technology and Culture, Home Cultures and The Journal of Interior Design. She’s a member of the scientific committee of the new open source scientific magazine called Inner – The interior architecture magazine (


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