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Buket Metin


Institution: Istanbul Technical University Field of responsibility/Role in the RMB project: Researcher Field of specialization: Building and Construction Technology in Architecture

Buket Metin received B.Arch. (2008), MSc.Arch. (2010) and Ph.D. (2017) degrees from Istanbul Technical University. She wrote a thesis named “Assessing the Construction Process of the Cladding Systems in the Context of Environmental Sustainability” under Environmental Control and Construction Technologies Master Program. Her Ph.D. thesis named “A Model Proposal for Assessing Environmental Performance of Building Construction Process” was completed under the Construction Sciences Ph.D. program. She was a guest researcher at Delft Technical University during her Ph.D. studies (2016). She worked as a research and teaching assistant at Gebze Technical University (2011-2012) and Istanbul Technical University (2012-2017) and, instructed theoretical lectures and studios related to building and construction technologies at undergraduate and graduate levels. As a researcher and an architect, she has different positions in several research and design projects, workshops, seminars and conferences since 2007. Her researches mainly focus on building and construction technologies in architecture, environmental performance of building construction process, performance-based architectural detail design, energy efficiency in buildings, life cycle assessment in buildings and building materials and building performance simulation. She is currently instructing building and construction technology courses and studios as a part-time lecturer and is the R&D Projects Development Advisor at Abdullah Gul University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture.


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