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José Fernando Gonçalves

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Institution: University of Coimbra
Field of responsibility/ Role in the RMB project: project management | content
Field of specialization:  Department of Architecture


José Fernando Gonçalves, V.N.Gaia, 1963.

Graduated FAUP, 1988.
Pedagogical Aptitude and Scientific Capacity Exams, DARQ-FCT-UC, 1996.
PHD “Proyectos Arquitectónicos” UPC Barcelona, 2007.
Assistant Professor DARQ-FCT-UC, since 2007.
Chairman in Project IV at DARQ-FCTUC since 2007/2015.
Scientific Commission President DARQ-FCT-UC – 2008-2010.
Visiting-Professor at Facoltà di Architettura “Aldo Rossi”, Università “Alma
Mater Studiorum”, Bologna, 2011-2012.
Visiting-Professor at École Spréciale d’Architecture, Paris, 2015/2016

President of the Portuguese Order of Architects – Northern Chapter
(OASRN) between 2010-2013.
Founding Member of the AEAULP ‘Academia de Escolas de Arquitectura de
Língua Portuguesa’, Brasil, 2009. Secretary 2014/2017.

Work published in national and international magazines. Among others,
publication of the mortuary chapels and church project in Catalogue of BSI
Swiss Architectural Award 2010; a+u, n. 439; PISO Ciudad al Ras, n. 09;
CASABELLA, n.737; ort. HDA, 19/20; ARQUITECTURA VIVA, Monografias, n.
95; 2G, n. 20; AREA, n. 56.

Conferences and workshops in Portugal and abroad.
Nominated for the awards Mies Van der Rohe 1994, Secil 1994 and 2002,
ENOR 2007 and 2009.

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