Apply now: 2nd RMB-Student-Workshop in Portugal

Apply now for the 2. RMB International Student Workshop in Coimbra, Portugal. It takes places from 6.-11. April 2018. The workshop topic is: “Reuse of Modernist Buildings: Coimbra Modern City today – from funtional buildings to community spaces”.

After the 1st RMB Student-Workshop 2017 in the region of Marl (Germany), now is the time to work in Coimbra, a historical university city in the centre of Portugal. In April 2018, the Reuse of Modernist Buildings (RMB) project, financed by ERASMUS+, is going to organize the 2nd RMB Workshop to rethink the urban areas developed according to the De Groer Urban Plan of 1940.

In 1955 de Groer and then Almeida Garrett proposed the expansion of Coimbra urban centre through the creation or consolidation of settlements in the first or second ring of the existing city. In this sense, Coimbra developed one neighbourhood for industrial activity and social housing in Pedrulha (north), and other for medium class housing, education and sports in Calhabé (south). These modern plans established in the 1940s and 1950s were built by a functional architecture for industrial, housing, educational buildings and for complexes to install the third sector services. These architecture is either out-dated, abandoned or in bad condition, or even in ruins, due to political, economic, and social changes. More and more, it is needed that most of these housing, educational and industrial project typologies will be re-evaluated, in order to understand its capacity to be adapted to current demands, needs and aspirations of the people, from neighbours to institutions.

Workshop themes
\\ Triunfo Factory (Pedrulha) – facilities for Ano Zero Art Bienal 2018
\\ SAAL Neighbourhood (Pedrulha) – community areas for SAAL Relvinha
\\ SOLUM Neighbourhood (Calhabé) – “Fourth” Tower, design the missing link
\\ Bairro Norton de Matos Neighbourhood (Calhabé) – Community School
\\ Fernão Magalhães Neighbourhood – Urban Block (housing, commercial)

Further Info
For this workshop a total of 40 Master students will be selected, eight from each university, to form five different working groups. Each group will be constituted by students from the five partner universities of RMB project and tutors that will support the team work. Each international team will work on a specific architectural typology and will have a tutor from Coimbra, a second from one of the four other universities and one more from another field such as art, anthropology, engineering or geography. The students also have to participate, as start of the student workshop, in the RMB Conference – Design Colloquium, where the lectures and debates will take place in the two first days, 6th and 7th April 2018.

\\ A letter expressing the willingness and interest to participate – interest on reuse, on housing, school and industrial modern architecture (maximum: 300 words).
The workshop is open for students, who are in one of the Detmold Masters programmes (MID | MIAD | MIAR | Master Städtebau NRW).

Scholarship\Financial support
If you are one of the 8 selected students you get following grant:
\\ Travel costs: 275,00 €
\\ Excursion money: 150,00 € (for 8 days)
\\ Free housing (in the workshop working area)
\\ Meals at University canteen or at the accommodation place (RMB will offer the products to be cooked or prepared by the students)
There are no extra fees to attend this workshop and the RMB Colloquium!

Please send your application u to theresa.kellner(at)
For more information on the workshop please contact: michel.melenhorst(at)

Don’t tear it down – convert it

With the influences of demographic developments and climate change, it is becoming impossible to meet the demand for suitable and affordable housing exclusively by building new houses. So how can we use existing modernist buildings and convert them in a way that will suit the growing need for urban residential homes and create an identity at the same time?  As part of the project ‘Reuse of Modernist Buildings (RMB)’ design tools and strategies have been developed for sustainable reuse of buildings from the 50s to the 80s.On Thursday, 23 November 2017, the RMB conference on ‘Resilience’ met in Detmold.

The topic of current use and reuse of modernist buildings was broached by several members of the RMB project and by the European guest speakers in their talks. The subjects presented ranged from architectural projects to research studies; they were based on sound research processes and presented numerous reference projects from the European area.

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Lezing / Paulo Providencia

Datum: 27.11.2017, 20:00


deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus, Blauwe Foyer

In de lezingenreeks Exploring Fundamentals treedt architect Paulo Providencia op 27 november in dialoog met het werk van Dom Hans van der Laan, over wie momenteel een tentoonstelling loopt in deSingel.

In zijn lezing focust de Portugese architect op onderwerpen die van der Laan hoog in het vaandel droeg; zoals getal en proportie, ruimte en materialiteit, licht en design. Aan de hand van gebouwde en ongebouwde projecten en zijn belangrijkste  architecturale referenties geeft hij inkijk in zijn persoonlijke ontwerpproces. Verder zoomt hij in op het belang van ontwerpinstrumenten als ervaring, tekenen en perceptie.

Umnutzen statt Abreißen

Aufgrund des demographischen Wandels und klimatischer Veränderungen kann das Bedürfnis nach einem angemessenen und bezahlbaren Wohnraum nicht ausschließlich durch Neubauten gedeckt werden. Wie können wir bestehende Bauten der Moderne nutzen, umfunktionieren oder identitätsstiftend verbessern, um den wachsenden Bedarf an städtischen Wohnraum zu decken? Das Projekt Reuse of Modernist Buildings (RMB) entwickelt Designtools und Strategien für eine nachhaltige Umnutzung von Gebäuden der 50er bis 80er Jahre. Am Donnerstag den 23.11.2017 tagte die RMB-Konferenz zum Thema “Resilience” in Detmold.

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